Hayden is a small country nation in the foothills of the Orsimer Range, to the North and East. On the West, she shars a border with the Elvish Arden and Roland. To her south is the Magocracy of Faldo.


Roland is bordered by Hayden to the East, the Evlish Arden to the North, Faldo to the South, and Ester to the West.


Ester is a marshy land, bordered by the Sea to the west, The Elvish Arden to the north, Roland to the East and Faldo to the south. Ester attracts mountaineers to climb Stormhead, not the tallest mountain in the world, but the summet is perpetually at the eye of a storm and has never been climbed by man.

The Elvish Arden

The elves are an enigmatic group of isolationists. She has diplomatic dealings with All the human nations but does not get involved in conflicts. She is bordered on the south by Hayden, Roland and Ester, the east by the Orsimer Range, uninhabited forestland to the north, and the sea to the west.

The Orsimer Range

The Orsimer Range is home to a great many number of Orc Tribes. The Orcs are perpetually fighting one another and occasionally sending raiding parties out to Hayden, Roland, and the Elvish Arden. It borders Hayden to the South, The Elvish Arden to the west, and Uninhabited desert to the North and East.


The Magiocracy of Faldo is an empire with a mage ruling class that is known for her endeavours in philosophy, magical research, good wine and the happiness of her citizens. She practices Eugenics among her ruling class and has slaves.


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